mercredi 20 mai 2009

The teenage years

The teenage years are the main time for the emergence of acne, but even women in their thirties and forties and then may also suffer from spots. The only difference is that acne in adolescence and the leading cause of hereditary, but for adult women was due to hormone levels fluctuate.
Even women who had never become the love of young people who are in their teens may be affected by a sudden in the subsequent Snoathn, both with the menstrual cycle or with the menopause.
The treatment of acne has become highly sophisticated in the past few decades. You can not prevent the board from Pockmark impressions, but with the use of a mixture of medicine and home remedies, it is usually easy to keep acne under control.

When you go to the doctor?

- If the appearance of acne, irregular menstrual cycle, or thinning of the hair, or an increase in weight or appearance of hair on the face. You need to have blood work tests for the detection of the male sex hormones increase, which may cause outbreaks of acne.

- If a Kintuouat acne on the face, especially at the middle of the face (front, nose, cheeks and chin), and redness of the face and you can also Tlahzi Thtka of blood vessels, including thread-like, through the skin. You may be the case, known as "pink" Rosacea, sometimes called the "love of young adults." Remedy the situation may require the use of pink antibiotics or other medicines.

- If acne does not improve the use of home remedies, the doctor Insahk taking drugs, including contraceptive pills, antibiotics by mouth, and other medicines for Tjali the situation under control.

Medical treatment and medical options

- Esaaly disease specialist or your doctor about the skin peeling face:
Your doctor has advised to treat acne by using high concentrations of acid Alsalicelik from 20 to 30 per cent, rather than use a weak focus and treatments used in the home.

- Mangy Traetenuin Retin-A:
Recipe is available through a medical doctor, a derivative of vitamin A. And reduces the production of the skin of the fat, thus removing the "fuel" which supports the occurrence of acne. Used Traetenuin (retin - a) once a day, to help get rid of pimples that already exist, and may help to prevent more.

- Ask for Oisutritinoin Isotretinoin:
Aisutritinoin is among the most powerful treatments for acne, and is used only in cases of inflammatory acne and strongly when Atjdi treatments simpler and more secure. Aloisutritinoin very effective, but may cause side effects such as itching, headache, or sensitivity to light, or hair loss.
Of the most serious side effects that are likely to occur is the high level of blood fat, and abnormal liver enzymes, and inflammatory enteric disease and the deterioration of hearing. One of the most dangerous potential side effects is that it may cause birth defects if used during pregnancy. Will describe to you the medicine your doctor when you're not quite sure pregnant during use.

Treatment at home, love of young people:

se dibenzoylmethane peroxide benzoyl peroxide:
Is a topical antiseptic, kills bacteria that cause the symptoms of inflammation and swelling and irritation caused by acne. Treatment is available without a prescription the doctor is paid in the form of gel or cream or lotion, and it may be Benzoyl peroxide (such as product Clearasil) is all that is Thtegenh of treatment only.
After washing your face put a thin layer of dibenzoylmethane peroxide on the affected areas. Different doses and the personal and the pigment of the synthetic product, so you should follow the advice of a doctor.
In general, must be used dibenzoylmethane peroxide once a day first, and when your skin get used to it, the dose gradually increased to six or eight times a day or as you need during the outbreak of the situation.

- Mangy Alsalicelik acid, salicylic acid:
Another treatment is paid without a prescription the doctor, and Salicelik acid (which is similar to the active ingredient in aspirin), reduce inflammation and untie the links between the dead cells, thus making it fall easily.
Nzvi your skin completely, then put a thin layer of acid Alsalicelik (such as Neutrogena clear pore wash or Acnisal) on the areas of acne pustules. This medicine may cause dryness of the skin. Dose varies between individuals and products, so it's best to follow the instructions of the physician. In most cases, you can Tbdii the development of treatment once daily dose and then gradually increased to three times a day if necessary.